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Prof. Conlisk has taught undergraduate courses in Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Numerical Methods. He has taught fluid mechanics and applied mathematics at the graduate level as well. A list of courses and their titles appears below.


ME250: UG, Numerical Meth. Mech. Eng. 3 hrs.

ME500: UG, Engineering Thermal Sciences 4 hrs.

ME501: UG, Thermodynamics I 3 hrs.

ME502: UG, Thermodynamics II 3 hrs.

ME503: UG, Fluid Dynamics I 3 hrs.

ME504: UG, Fluid Dynamics II 3 hrs.

ME564: UG, Senior Design Group Project 3 hrs.

ME581: UG, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 3 hrs.

ME705: G, Fundamental Concepts in Fluid Mechanics 3 hrs.

ME715: UG, Introduction to Micro and Nano Fluidics 3hrs.

ME766: G, Engineering Acoustics 3 hrs.

ME810: G, Inviscid Flows 3 hrs.

ME818: G, Advanced Analytical Meth. Mech. Eng. 3 hrs.